Summeripe® receives first in industry “Non-GMO Project Verification”

“We’re thrilled to be on board with the Non-GMO Project. The relationship underscores our commitment to the consumer to provide not only a delicious eating experience, but a safe one as well.” said Mike Thurlow, owner of Mountain View Fruit Sales & Cold Storage.

Winter Dormancy is coming to an end

The trees in our orchards are so close to flowering, you can almost FEEL the tension as you walk the rows. Trees have had plenty of rest and are ready to start producing. We're in a pruning phase to direct energy to the hangers left on the tree. We're likely within a couple of weeks of blooms popping.

A peek into our orchards after an overnight sprinkle. We are likely within a couple short weeks of seeing blooms pop on these particular trees. We can't wait for the pink flowering trees to come alive! – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Welcome to MOUNTAIN VIEW FRUIT, home of SUMMERIPE: The Brand you can Count On!

From years of research, Summeripe® has perfected an innovative all-natural ripening process involving a combination of rigorous detail from the orchard to the store. Summeripe® finishes what Mother Nature so carefully began. Fruits are full-ripened, ready-to-eat and bursting with farm fresh flavor. Each one will be sweet and juicy.

Life of a Conditioned Peach
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Life of a Conditioned Peach

Our Summeripe Conditioned Peaches, Plums & Nectarines are ALMOST perfect off the tree. We just finish what Mother Nature started with an all natural process to make our fruit even juicier!
Delicious Summer Recipes
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Delicious Summer Recipes

At Mountain View, we have a great time developing and testing recipes from all over to share with you, our valued customer. Click above to find some delicious ways to enjoy Summer's Best fruit!

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We know our fruit is amazing, but you don't have to take our word for it. We have loyal followers all over the globe!

  • I purchased some peaches and plums and they were AMAZING!! Sweet, juicy and easy to get off the stone. I was totally pleased with them. I'm always leery of buying peaches in fear of them being mealy, but yours were the best I've ever eaten.
    Ruth P.
  • Simply Delicious. Thank you for this treat in Texas. Will purchase many more peaches.
    The Scott Family / Texas
  • Thank you for producing such wonderful fruit – I just finished a very sweet juicy peach Thanks!
    Nancy / California
  • To whom it may concern, I recently purchased some of your nectarines and they are some of the best I have had. I was wanting to know what type of nectarine they are. Thank you for putting out such a good product.
  • We are having 18 friends for dinner tonight! They all asked for Mary Ann's Summeripe Peach and Nectarine Tort, so that will be our dessert this evening. The Summeripe fruit at our local grocery store looked outstanding!