Update from the Field

Well we’re off, but its been a slower start than we anticipated.. but the wave is right around the corner. We have had abnormal weather as of late, that makes for great living, but also slows things down a bit in the field. We are forecasting a high in the mid 70’s today but next week looks to get back to a bit normal which should get things going. We will be getting ready to kick off the Summeripe conditioning program next week sometime so check with your account rep to make sure your fruit is on its way.
We are finally getting into the Zee Fire nectarines this week which will really kick things off for the yellow nectarine category this season. Good size, bright red color and a sweet classic nectarine taste will let everyone know summer has officially begun. A new weapon to the arsenal this season is the Rich Snow white peach. This beauty is performing just as it has the past few years as we watched it before planting more acres.  Beautiful red color and good size with some specking or “sugar spots” that is packed with sugar. This sub-acid white will go down as one of the finest white peaches of the year, so act fast as this will be in high demand. Our featured yellow peach this week will be the next variety of the Spring Flame line that featured a nice deep red color, good shape and great flavor. The very first white nectarine of the season will start tomorrow in the Polar Ice. While the Polar Ice was damaged a bit by the freeze in February, we will have limited volume of this beauty. Size should be goood and will be a great showcase to round out your display so get your name on these as soon as you can.
We know the start of the season has had its challenges, not only in our commodities but others as well, be rest assured that we are optimistic the tide is changing and look forward to partnering with you through the summer. We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we enjoy growing the finest fruit in the world for you to enjoy.  Our next update won’t be published until May 30th, so we’d like to say Happy Memorial Day to all and thank you to all those who gave all to our country and God bless those still serving.
Start Dates
Spring Flame 20.5 (Yellow Peach) May 17
Rich Snow (White Peach) May 16
Zee Fire (Yellow Nectarine) May 17
Polar Ice (White Nectarine) May 17

For May 16-31
Summeripe: Who Knew?
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