Weather: The first week of October has brought cooler temperatures and spotty showers. Fortunately, the heavy showers have missed our late season peaches the past two days and the forecast looks promising for the rest of the week. We are looking at highs dropping to the 70s (and 60s towards the middle of the month) a big drop from the mid 90s we saw just last week.

Harvesting: Peaches, Grapes, and Pomegranates
   • We are still harvesting big, quality grapes! In the last grape update, we mentioned that we wait longer than anyone else to harvest our red seedless grapes, giving them more time to develop better color, size, and overall quality. Last week, we made another bet that it was more likely to rain than not, so we covered the vineyards. Vegas gives us a 100% rating as gambling farmers in protecting and ensuring fruit quality for our customers!
   • Bo shows off Grower Brian Richardson’s late season peaches which are tasting fantastic and have great color.  You can’t ask for a better late season peach in October than his Autumn Riches!

In the Pipeline: Mandarins, Meyer Lemons, and Lemons
• Mark Rose, manager of Citrus Field Operations, is checking internal quality and sugar as mandarins are beginning to “break color” (beginning to turn orange).  He estimates Mountain View’s mandarins will be ready to ship the week of October 15th. We can take you to market with delicious, colorful mandarins before anyone else!
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We're back at it in the Kitchen @ Mountain View working on CITRUS RECIPES! We'll start releasing these recipes with video and full documentation very soon. Keep watching our future focus issues for more info! Here's a sneak peak:
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