Let Freedom Ring

As we come together to celebrate the freedoms we are so preciously afforded in our great country, we look back with thankful hearts to those who have sacrificed and those who continue to serve to keep these ideals secure. Our hope is you'll have a great time with family celebrating. Have some great big peaches on hand to let share and create some smiles. Send us your pics!

Don't miss out update video below to find out why we called this "Piccolo Peach".
Harvest Update: Freestones are here
July 4th, 2018

I hope this update finds everyone having a great 4th of July and celebrating our great nation. We made it to July and we are in the heart of the summer here in the San Joaquin Valley. It’s hot, there’s no other way to spin this weather update. It’s forecasted to be near or above 100 for the foreseeable future, so we’ll shorten the weather update this week.
Our harvest continues to be challenging at times. There are some varieties of fruit that are just not maturing as fast as we expect them to. Two weeks ago I was pumping up the Owen T black plums, figuring we would start them last week. That didn’t turn out to be the case and we are hoping to start hitting a bit more volume later this week, but the crop still looks great, it’s just a bit delayed more than we thought. The wide range of maturity across the valley is really helping the fruit size and allows us to deliver excellent fresh fruit to you every day. We will start picking some varieties as much as 7 times this month in order to pick only the ripe fruit and allow the immature fruit to grow and pick it when it’s ready.  
We will continue to offer a wide range of both yellow and white peach and nectarines, red and black plums and our full line of plumcots from here on through the summer. As I stated in the video today, we have a lot of really great yellow peach varieties coming up. Big beautiful freestone varieties that are good in ice cream, pies and cobblers or just out of hand. Don’t miss out on promoting these big and juicy peaches. Upcoming varieties starting up include the following:
Yellow Nectarine:
Honey Royale - July 9
Yellow Peach:
Sweet Dream - July 6
Zee Lady - July 16
White Nectarine:
Majestic Pearl - July 12
White Peach:
Summersweet - July 3
Snow Princess - July 14
Red Plum:
Fortune - July 9
Black Plum:
Owen T - July 6 
Catalina - July 16
Dapple Fire (3278 PLU) - July 9
Dapple Dandy (3278 PLU) - July 17
Sunset Gold (3610 PLU) - July 18

For July 1-15
White Flesh Fruit

Many consumers have no idea what the differences are between white flesh and yellow flesh peaches & nectarines. We want to help educate and encourage people to try these lesser-known varieties.

Digital Assets:
Iron Man Poster “Who Knew? White Flesh”Available from Mountain View. (Shown Below)
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