The Story..

The Angel Red variety was discovered growing among other varieties of pomegranate trees. Mother nature decided it was time for something new.Tests revealed a truly unique variety had been born. Its qualities include a smaller, softer seed and more uniform color and size. This makes Angel Red pomegranates very palatable and pleasing to eat.

The name Angel Red was derived from the original “Ryan’s Angel Red”. Ryan, the son of founder Greg Smith, was involved in the development of this variety but was tragically lost at the age of 23. Angel Red lives on in his memory.

Exclusively at Mountain View Fruit

Introducing Angel Red Pomegranates. Do you remember when Seedless Flames were introduced in 1981? Consumers went nuts over how easy they were to eat, and we believe this pomegranate holds similar characteristics!

Mountain View is the only Grower/Shipper that has Angel Red, and the supply is limited. Call your Sales Expert today and discuss the next big category growth opportunity. Watch your customers rave about their amazing flavor and unmatched yield when juicing.

Early Variety

  • Harvest begins the second week of September


  • Arils are plump. The seed left-over is the smallest of any pomegranate grown.

Uniform Size & Color

  • Bright full-red color throughout the entire outside make these pomegranates as beautiful as they are sweet.