We had one of the latest first rains in history this season.  This is going to ensure great conditions for color, size and sweetness of our Mandarins. Water is almost always a welcome thing here in the San Joaquin Valley.

Precipitation does throw us some challenges when it comes to harvest. We like to pick dry fruit and after a storm, we typically wait a day or two so the soil drains for easier access. With good forecasting and scheduling for harvest, we can ensure a steady supply to our customers. Don’t forget us for your holiday promotions, we’re ready!


Mandarins – Recent weather events have made things a bit challenging this week.  However, looking ahead, we will have good supplies of Rascals Clementines for the Holidays!   Our Rascals Page Mandarins are right around the corner……

Meyer Lemons – Expect good supplies of Brilliant Meyer Lemons through January.  Our Meyer Lemons will elevate your holiday meals and desserts from good to Brilliant!

Lemons – Lemon quality has been very nice to start the season.  Expect to see promotable supplies through March.

Contact our sales office to discuss citrus strategy for the 2020 season! We can be reached at 559.637.9933.

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